Anyone using Matlab with InfluxDB?

We have a few requests to collaborate with folks re: read/write of data to InfluxDB from Mathlab.

Any pointers, suggestions, or examples would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance…

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Hoi Tim,
have you made any progress in this matter as I face the same challange now.


Same here. using the CLI to create csv seems like a rather crap solution (better one here: How to export large number of rows from InfluxDB to CSV using python client? - Stack Overflow ), but still, we’re after a much deeper integration, especially for the research phase, where we’d like to browse grafana/chronograf, manually fine tune the selections, and “click” a button to send it to matlab. ideally, via some sort of data stream.

Hi guys,

I needed to interact with InfluxDB from MATLAB, so I made a small client library.

You can find it here:

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We are making a service integrating Matlab/Influx/Grafana. You can watch a demo and signup for pre-beta access : Curve preview on Vimeo

when the full version is going to be avialable max? i’m pretty interested. thanks for sharing the video

It’s fully supported in beta today (you can register your organization and create the first team account here CURVE - Share your experiments). Full commercial launch expected early January. If you engage now you get the advantage of boing able to influence our features.

See marketing brochure draft with feature matrix and pricing. Dropbox - Curve - Marketing WIP.pdf - Simplify your life
Anyone who engages in early beta and help us improve/test the product would receive discount/free months once we enter the commercial phase.

What is your use case?
Would you need access to the influxdb api? (available on request)
Do you need the grafana dashboard part?

Thank you for your interest.

Hi guys, So i created this matlab code to import data from InfluxDb to Matlab. Feel free to ask for any questions if necessary. Thanks in advance.