Checking Data is in Influxdb (Resolved)

Hi all

I am using InfluxDB in conjunction with Grafana together with Icinga2. I currently have Icinga2 writing data to directories and have successfully configured Grafana to read data from InfluxDB.

The problem is, whilst I am almost 100% certain my syntax for queries is correct, some of my graphs are showing up blank. I’ve been reading over the API documentation and the other documentation for Influx trying to understand how I can verify that the data is actually there.

Given most graphs work all OK I’d like to rule out Influx somehow not getting null data for some of the things Icinga2 is exporting - or should be exporting.

Can anyone give me any ideas? Do you need code samples or JSON output?


I actually worked this out playing around with fill values.
For anyone wondering, I used this: to view the data which made me realise that maybe my time series was too long between data points, hence why it wouldn’t draw a line when Grafana was set to draw a line.