Problem with dashboard

Good day.
I have a problem.
I have an esp32 that feeds values ​​to a server with InfluxDB 2.
If I see the values ​​in “Data explore” everything works fine
But as soon as I create the dashboard the values ​​after a while stop being displayed and the graph stops
If I go to data explore again, the values ​​are shown there normally

Tell me please what could be the problem?

Hello @Vladlen_Bezymanny,
What’s the query that you use for your dashboard?
And what’s the query that works inn the data explorer?

In data explore, I select the parameter I want.
I set the update for 5 seconds and an interval of 5 minutes
And press “Sumbit”
The graph is updated normally and within 5 hours there are no errors

Then I save this as a dashboard cell.
And for some time, the graph stops showing the accepted values.
line breaks

At the same time, everything is fine in data explore.
I also installed grafana and it also shows everything well

i had similar issue in past with influx v1

when i had multiple queries (let’s say to display 5x temperature curves), but the first return null, then the rest were not displayed. all works fine in explore but not in dashboard.

the solution was to check each query and be sure that first one will return some results.

in v2 i did not have this issue yet.


Thank you very much, I’ll try to see what my sensor is sending.

And tell me please how you can export the data received from the sensor in order to process it?