Dashboard doesn't automatically update graphs with new data

I’m having a very weird problem;
(running influxdb2)
I have a dashboard with various graphs,
Now these are set to auto-refreshevery 10 seconds…
Data is being pushed into the server every 5 seconds.
The problem is:
If I select a timeperiod, the data is automatically updated from time-range til now, but it every time it refreshes (intervaltime) the new data is not posted.
If I then change the time period, say from last 5 minutes to last 15 minutes, the graph automatically updates with all new datasets.
How come the data is not automatically updated in the graph?

Hello @Theie,
It looks like the UI team is aware of this issue and is currently working to fix it.
There are convos around it in the InfluxData Slack as well in the general channel.