How do I visualize data from InfluxDB Cloud?

Hi, I want to make a dashboard to visualize my InfluxDB Cloud data in Grafana.

First of all, i create a data source of InfluxDB with the next configuration in Grafana

The URL is until orgs/…

After that, I created a dashboard and make the connection with the data source i recently created:


But, nothing happened and it appears the next message: “Expected response data to be array, got undefined” on the top left corner.

Somebody knows how to fix this.

Thank you beforehands

Hi @JMU,
Have you tried running the same query using Flux? Also within grafana have you defined your access token. I couldn’t see one in the configuration you sent. This will prevent you from reading data directly from your cloud instance.

Hi Jay_Clifford,

I don’t understand what you mean about the access token. About Flux, how would it be?

Sorry for the problems

Hi @JMU,
No problems at all! Happy to help you get up and running :slight_smile: . Here is my configuration for connecting to Grafana.

When using InfluxDB Cloud you require a token to read and write your data to InfluxDB. These are generated from the following panel:

I don’t have the option of the query language option neither token nor default bucker.
Do you know why?

Really thankful to you Jay

Hi @JMU, sorry for the late reply. What version of Grafana are you using? Can you not see flux in the drop-down list?

No worries Jay_Clifford

We have the Grafana v6.4.3.

I can not see the drop-down list

Can you try upgrading to the latest / build greater than 7.1. Flux support was not added till 7.1. :slight_smile:

After upgrading to version 8.4.1.

I’ve got the next configuration:

In the token field I write the value of what i have on the variable Influx_token on the environment variable of windows.

However, this message keeps appearing:


Any suggestions?

How do I know which is the error?

Maybe watching the logs?

However, I don’t know how to visualize them.

I’m stuck with this problem

Hi JMU, could you try entering the token manually? Just to see if the problem resolves :slight_smile: Grafana I believe stores this token securely for you.


I write it manually and still the same error :frowning: