Account Deleted

I have recently returned from an overseas trip to find that all of my Australian InfluxDB accounts have not only been deactivated, but all their data has been entirely eradicated.

Let me remind you, the fundamental purpose of influxDB is to archive data. How are we supposed to harbor any trust in a company that deems it acceptable to send merely three emails and then delete all archived data without any substantive warning or alternative recourse?

Adding a warning to the login is an exercise in futility. We rarely log into influxDB. It’s predominantly used to archive data. There is no need to log in when everything is functioning therefor any warning which might have been shown in the login screen are pointless.

The fact that the initial response was to stand by this decision is frankly, staggering.

Please enlighten me on how I am supposed to convince my client, the rightful owner of this data, to continue utilizing influxDB despite this episode.