Writing to influx with simple HTTP call (newbie question)

Hello. Newbie here, enthusiastic about using influxdb for home automation.
I have been able write data to influxDB via CURL and using Grafana to display data.
Now I would like to collect additional data from IoT devices. However, they can only call a simple URL when e.g. a switch gets turned on/off, but not use POST method.

Is there a way to write data to influx via a simple HTTP call, without using the POST method?
I would like to turn this:

curl -i -XPOST ‘’ --data-binary ‘test temperature=31,humidity=11’

Into something like this:’&data=test%20temperature=31,humidity=11

but I get a “Method Not Allowed” back from influxdb.

Is there a way to format such an HTTP call? Thanks for your help.

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