Posting data via http

I am at the edge of the network with a cellular modem. My system can easily post to a server and see the results: POST /dweet/for/353238060023699?hello=world HTTP/1.1. I want to be able to use the same system at the edge to post to influx in a similar manner. I have been struggling with this problem awhile and would like to get a solution. I have read the documentation on Influxdb, but they skirt the hard work and just say it is the same as using a third party software, cURL, but it is not! Being at the edge means there is less resource and putting cURL onto my embedded system is not an option. So, I am stuck with a solution that exists for a server named dweet. I need this same protocol of a standard to work with my server utilitzing influxdb. I can easily change software, maybe this is not possible with influx?

There is quite a bit of a learning curve, no question.

The intent the docs are communicating is that anything that can make an http POST call can also read and write data to an influxdb2 database.

Here’s some examples

Once you’ve got the basics, it’s worth looking a your setup

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