Why is the postgresql ouput plugin missing from the docker container and can I add it?

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I wanted to test using telegraf to write data streams into a postgresql db. I can see the plugin in the git, but it seems to be missing in the telegraf docker container. So am I missing something (maybe I am using the wrong container?), or maybe there is a way I can add the plugin (into the container or out side of it)?

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The postgresql output is not merged yet. It should be soon and once done you can get it as a part of our nightly builds until we release v1.23.0.

That link you have is to a different branch, not to master either.

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Thank you jpowers,

BTW I found another container, telegraf-timescaledb that has the output plugin and seem to work OK

Please be aware that we do not control, monitor for security updates, or update that container image.