New updates seem to break [[inputs.disk]] plugin

Right now I’m running Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana in docker containers on an unRAID host system (Linux based).

Tonight the Telegraf and Grafana docker images were updated with a new docker hub push. Since my docker containers automatically updated at 6am UTC+1 no metrics are being collected for my mount points by Telegraf. The [[input.plugins]] has default settings, so it should pick up metrics for all mount points.

These are my telegraf.conf settings.
Here’s an Imgur album with Grafana settings / Telegraf docker container settings.

Were there any changes to the way [[inputs.disk]] works? Do we have to map the root directory differently or anything similar? I really am at a loss here since everything worked flawlessly until the update.

Thanks in advance!

Just to clarify, you are now using Telegraf 1.4.4? I’m not aware of any changes to the disk input, though we did update gopsutil version, perhaps this caused a problem. Can you open an issue on github?