Missing entire disk measurement from Windows Telegraf client

I’m running Influxdbv2 in a Docker container. One of the clients sending data to influxdb is a Windows server. Stats in the “disk” measurement were definitely being collected by influxdb…until some stuff happened. Here is a timeline of some things that happened:

13:44 - On the Windows server, I plugged in a SATA HD via a USB interface.
13:47:59 - On the Windows server, started a chkdsk command on the USB-connected disk (it’s still going hours later, as I’m checking for bad sectors)
13:48:00 - The last entries for anything with a “disk” measurement are listed on influxdb.
13:57 - Watchtower container automatically updates the influxdb container to “latest”, and Influxdb version is now 2.1.0.
18:00 - On Windows server, I updated Telegraf Windows collector to x64 v1.20.3, hoping to resolve the issue.

It certainly seems like me running chkdsk on my Windows server stopped an entire measurement from being sent to influxdb, but if that is the case I have no clue why. And it looks coincidental that, just 9 minutes later, my Watchtower container does an update to my influxdb container.

Has anyone seen this behavior before, or am I totally off-base in the cause here? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

…and 10.5 hours later, the disk stats came back in influxdb as soon as chkdsk finished. Perhaps running an operation like chkdsk prevents the Telegraf client from pulling the disk stats. Either way, at least I know what caused the issue.

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Thank you for following up and letting us know what the issue was!