Why is the browser UI so limited?

i am VERY new to influxDB 2.1.1 and i am very confused.

I run influxDB within docker on my Synology NAS and tried to init cmds within the terminal there.
That seems to work and i tried to delete a bucket with:
“influx bucket delete -n Test -o myOrg”
but now i am stuck with this error message:
“401: unauthorized: unautorized access”

I would prefer to simply use the browser where i managed it to setup buckets and measurements. But i cannot find any command for deleting data if mistakenly.
Is this only possible with CLI?

Welcome to the community!

Of course you can delete a whole bucket in the UI.
Go to Load Data > Buckets and click on the little trash bin symbol on the far right of the bucket.

Yes, i did find this, but i actually wanted to delete a measurement in a bucket!?