InfluxDB V2.6 - Deleting measurements in my bucket


Quick question of the day:
I’m under influDB V2.6 and I’m trying to delete data from my buckets (and yes there too I’m out of space)

 influxd delete   --bucket jeedom   --predicate '_measurement="EAIT"'   --start 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z   --stop 2023-02-16T00:00:00Z

and i have this back

Error: unknown flag: --bucket
See 'influxd -h' for help

of course that I type the command I do not see the options that I found in the doc of influxDB.

Have you ever had this case?
How did you deal with it?

Use the command influx instead of influxd :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply @Pooh

I did this but didn’t get much results!

-bash: influx : commande introuvable

Maybe I need to be in a particular directory to run it?

  1. Which operating system & version is this running on?

  2. How was InfluxDB installed?

  3. Which user are you running the command “influx” as?

  4. What is the output of “echo $PATH”?


InfluxDB and Grafana running on a Debian GNU/Linux 11 Virtual Machine (bullseye)
under proxmox

For how it was installed, I wouldn’t go into detail because I did it a very long time ago.
In 1st I was in version 1.8 then mogration under version 2.0 and about 1 week ago version 2.6

From memory it’s the commands to install v1.8
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install influxdb and wget

I run the command under root user


Okay, so what are the outputs of the two commands:

a) which influx

b) find / -type f -name influx


For this I have


and for that I have


Thank you very much for your help while waiting to arrive at the final solution :slight_smile:

A little up to help me on the subject!