How to delete measurements

Alright, I have tried and tried. How do I drop measurements??
I am running influxdb v2.3.0 as a docker container.

I am trying to execute the following command in the command line of the container:

influx delete \
--bucket 'hassincontainer' \
--org 'myrgangen' \
--predicate ‘_measurement=“boltdb_reads_total”’ \
--start 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z \
--stop $(date +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ") \
--token 'Rv4hd3trQpvFHDnJM15wr9I32D3nTxxxxxxxxxcy26podf9be05c_mOO2FjoGMq2musXnA5MhYi9FFAOfeBQ=='

But get the following error:

Error: failed to delete data: 400 Bad Request: invalid request; error parsing request json: bad logical expression, at position 0

What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!

@tejasitraj This might just be a copy-paste-format error, but it looks like your delete predicate is using curly quotes (). You should use straight quotes (").

--predicate '_measurement="boltdb_reads_total"' \

Oh wow thank you. That was a rather simple (read:silly) thing!