Delete measurement from bucket

I see this question has been posted in many different ways but I have not found any meeting my case.
I simply need to remove/delete completely a measurement in a bucket.
My bucket is “Donald”
The measurement to remove/delete is “Duck”
The measurement shall be completely removed from the bucket.
I have not found any tool to do the above in the UI.

In influx 1.x I simply use

use Donald

How can I delete the measurement from the UI or using the CLI in Influx 2.7.x?

I would appreciate some help.

Thank you

this is the command I have been using:
influx delete
–bucket ‘[bucket-id]’
–start ‘1970-01-01T00:00:00Z’
–stop ‘2099-12-31T23:59:59Z’
–predicate ‘_measurement=“duck”’
–org ‘[org-id]’
–host ‘
–token ‘[token]’

in terminal, I receive no errors, no feedback. After the command completes I check the influx bucket through the web interface and the measurement is still there, and still contains all its datapoints

Hello @00alan,
Sometimes it takes a while for the UI to reflect the changes of a delete. Are you still seeing this?
What about when you query with the CLI?