Why importing a simple csv file is so much exhausting?

It’s very strange to me that following various user guide docs to import a simple csv data will result in failure, while IMHO it should be as easy as possible just like other databases! I have tried different ways to import sample csv data found in user guide instructions like csv-annotations or CSV input data format or efficiently import large dataset but all of them leads to frustrating errors after passing though configurations( increasing metric_buffer_limit, interval, annotation format and …)
Thinking about that so much effort for a 1st step job is a little disappointing for a good database.

Unfortunately, you do not ask a specific question or show a specific error message here. So we can hardly help. Also, some background info is missing. Use case? Is this historical data? What exactly did not work?

  • In my opinion, it is fastest and easiest to read csv files via Telegraf, because there you have the most setting options.
  • The direct import into InfluxDBv2 is more difficult, because the csv format must have a very specific format.
  • Importing via a client library of course offers the most flexibility, but might be more typing work.

Yes you are right, I was going to send my opinion.