Which Repository To Use To Install InfluxDB 2 on an AWS AMI Linux 2 Instance

I am currently evaluating moving to either InfluxDB in the cloud or deploying OSS on AWS. I have been using InfluxDB on a private network for a while but find that having a publicly accessible instance will better suit my needs.

I tend to use AWS AMI Linux 2 instances for my various AWS machines and assumed that if I move my Influx deployment to AWS I would put it on an AMI Linux 2 instance as opposed to Ubuntu.

If that’s a bad idea I’d like to know.

And if AMI Linux 2 will work well, is there a preferred repository for the package or should I just grab a current Fedora/CentOS rpm?


– Rich

Hello @RERobbins,
Linux is totally fine.
The rpm package you mentioned if good too.