New to InfluxDB, trying to get Telegraf running on an AWS EC2 with no luck

I’m trying to get InfluxDB working for use with, an IoT hardware/software platform. They have a Webhook to get data from a Particle device into an InfluxDB, but because I’m using the InfluxDB-hosted free InfluxDB Cloud version, it seems like I must run my own Telegraf service.

The Particle help docs suggest using a AWS EC2 instance to do this.

They actually refer to an InfluxDB AMI that had everything ready to go, but that AMI doesn’t exist anymore. I tried launching one of the influxDB AMI instances that do come up, but I can’t figure out how to get telegraf going. Even when I try to download Telegraf using these instructions:
I’m always running into errors.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to simply get a Telegraf service running on AWS?



You can spin up any Ubuntu instance on EC2 and use our Linux installation instructions to get Telegraf running.

It should be as simple as:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install telegraf

If this doesn’t work, please let me know and we’ll get it working together

Thanks for response!

I did the sudo apt update, then sudo apt upgrade to actually get the upgrades to take, but I get a “unable to locate package telegrapf” when I try the apt install line.

ubuntu@ip-172-31-12-232:~$ sudo apt install telegraf
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package telegraf

This is with a generic Ubuntu EC2 instance I started in the Amazon console (one of their default packages).

Sorry, I’m an idiot. I found the Linux installation instructions here:

and realized I didn’t add the Influx repository using that wget command. Once I did that, apt was able to find the telegraf package and start it.

That instruction link did the trick.

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