New Amazon AWS Influxdb cloud instance, how to upload SSL certificates?

Hi Guys,

I’ve just subscribed for a AWS influxdb cloud instance, its up and running. I now need to setup a secure MQTT connection for which I need to put certificates on my server. I cannot find in the documentation how to do this with the CLI. Does anyone know how I can access the server on which my instance is running?
I access my other AWS cloud servers with SSH and SFTP, but I cannot find this instance anywhere in my AWS dashboard.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by that?
Do you mean InfluxDB Cloud from InfluxData?

So, one thing I was unaware of: latest win 10 has curl installed, therefore, given your correct installation of influxdb on aws, just open command prompt and curl your influxdb.

I’m totally confused here. I managed to setup and run influxDB on my own server for test purposes, no problem, as that provides me SSH access to setup anything. But I do not want to use my own server. I want to use influxdb cloud instead. And I cannot get that to work, simply because I need to run several terminal commands (for starting the telegraf for instance), and I have no terminal access to influxdb cloud.
I raised a support ticket and they said SSH to influxdb cloud is not possible. Could not ask anything else without paying for a SLA.
How am I supposed to start my telegraf in influxdb cloud, if the cloud instructs my to run a terminal command and terminal access is not possible?

InfluxDB is just a database, InflxDB Cloud is SAAS (software as a service), so you don’t have access to the server itself.

If you also need to run telegraf or anything else you will need to run them somewhere else.
Another option is to run your own Cloud VM and do whatever you want in there.

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Thanks that clarifies things. I installed telegraf on a separate VM and hooked it up to influxDB cloud. That works. I was assuming all along that there is a SAAS for the whole TICKs stack.
I would have preferred a SAAS solution, as I am unsure how to approach the inevitable future scaling problems with the telegraf.

You can also use several telegraf instances in parallel or even chain them.