How can I view Telegraf logs on InfluxDB cloud?

I’ve asked the same question on Stackoverflow, but I’m not getting any response, so I’m trying here as well:

I’m trying to configure a Telegraf plugin on InfluxDB cloud, but I’m unable to find the logs.

What I’m trying to achieve is to ingest messages via MQTT to InfluxDB, and while I didn’t expect it to work on my first attempt, I’m rather helpless without log access.

Influx’s documentation only seems to cover on-prem installations with regards to log files.

Does anyone know where to find them? Is it possible to get shell access to a cloud instance?

I have installed the influx cli tool, and connected it to my cloud instance, but the only logs I can view with this appears to be task logs, which doesn’t seem to apply to my case.

I’m using InfluxDB cloud 2.0.

I copied my Telegraf configuration to my local machine, and ran the Telegraf docker image with success: I was then able to send messages to an MQTT topic on an external broker, and have data show up in my InfluxDB 2.0 cloud instance.

So I have no idea of why the same config is not working on the cloud instance without access to logs.