Does Telegraf run on the cloud OR ...?

Hi, I’ve trying to ingest data with the Telegraf MQTT plugin all day to no avail and then it dawned on me: Is Telegraf supposed to be running on my machine and pushing data to InfluxDB Cloud, OR is the Telegraf config file meant to run in the cloud alongside InfluxDB pulling data fron my MQTT broker (HiveMQ)?

Hi, telegraf and influxdb can be deployed in many different configurations so that they can fulfill different use cases by a wide group of users.

Either option is technically possible . What’s best for your use case is something that will need some investigating and testing.

IC. Thank you for clarifying that for me. I would need Telegraf running in the cloud pulling data from my MQTT broker but I have been unable to get the MQTT plugin to write the MQTT messages to influxdb.

Where would I find the error logs using the influxdb cloud ui?

I have the same problem. Where do i find instructions how to install Telegraf in the cloud so it pulls data from my mqtt (also Hivemq) to i fluxdb ( also in the cloud).
Regards, Henk.