Using Telegraf on InfluxDB Cloud

How can I use Telegraf on the Cloud version of InfluxDB? I can configure Telegraf with MQTT as a source, but then it tells my to use the configuration and run it in Telegraf on my own machine. I tested this, and it works. But I want to collect data when my machine is switched off. If Telegraf doesn’t run on InfluxDB Cloud, what can I do?

Hi @peterk,
Sadly we do not currently run the agent in the cloud. This might be an interesting feature to consider down the line. I will highlight this with the team. In the meantime you have two options:

  1. Run a low powered device like raspberry pi as a bridge for which you can keep running.
  2. Run a VM in the cloud for which you can install Telegraf on.


Thanks. I think I will go with the raspberry pi.