AWS Settings for Webhook to Telegraf


Hi folks,

I’m working on running Telegraf on AWS, then using Particle webhooks to talk to it. I’m running into issues getting the data from Particle’s cloud to Telegraf. So far, here’s my setup:

  1. Registered a domain through AWS Route53
  2. Created an instance of the Amazon Linux AMI
  3. Installed and config’d InfluxDB and Telegraf on the VM.
  4. Created a Particle webhook pointing to
  5. Created a Network ELB and pointed the domain alias to the ELB.

When I try to test the webhook through the Particle console, I’m getting a ‘socket hang up’ error. I strongly suspect the issue is in my ELB Listener and Target configs, but I’m not certain exactly how they need to be set up. My thoughts are as follows:

  1. Telegraf uses port 1619
  2. HTTPS uses 443
  3. So I should be listening on 443 and forwarding that to my vm target on 1619?

Any suggestions for setting it up?