How to install influxdb-client only on Linux

I’ve got Influxdb running on an AWS server, but I want to install just the command-line client on a different box running Ubuntu 20.04LTS. The version of the client in the Ubuntu repo is 1.6.4, and I’m running 1.8.something as the server. I don’t need to install the full package on the Ubuntu box, how can I install only the 1.8 client?


For influxdb 1.x I’m not sure the client is available stand-alone.

I know it definitely is available stand alone for 2.x but don’t think it’s backwards compatible with 1.x server (but the newer api for 2.x has been added into 1.x to help make things forward compatible for people to start getting ready to migrate in the months ahead.)

I wound up just copying the executable from the machine that was running the back-end which seems to have worked. I was hoping there was an official way to do this.

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