Where is max-row-limit setting?

Hi All,

I’m using InfluxDB v2.3.0+SNAPSHOT.090f681737.
I have an issue with Grafana 7.2.2 which is limiting my data to a max of 50 series.
This is happening only if I use Flux Language, with InfluxQL everything is ok.
I have read here and in the Grafana forum that the issue can be caused by the setting max-row-limit.
I know it should already be set to 0 from default, but I want to check it anyway.
The issue is that I’m not able to find this setting or any settings for that matter.
There should be a file called influxdb.conf but there is not.
If I use CLI:

influx config
Active  Name            URL                     Org
*       OriMartinConfig http://localhost:8086   OriMartin

I have a file named configs in C:\Users\MyUser\.influxdbv2

  url = "http://localhost:8086"
  token = "my token"
  org = "myOrganization"
  active = true
# [eu-central]
#   url = "https://eu-central-1-1.aws.cloud2.influxdata.com"
#   token = "XXX"
#   org = ""
# [us-central]
#   url = "https://us-central1-1.gcp.cloud2.influxdata.com"
#   token = "XXX"
#   org = ""
# [us-west]
#   url = "https://us-west-2-1.aws.cloud2.influxdata.com"
#   token = "XXX"
#   org = ""

that’s all.
Where are all the other settings? Especially the max-row-limit setting

Cheers and thanks

Hello @Cristian_Bertulli,
The CLI config separate from the InfluxDB config.
You can find the locations for the InfluxDB config here:
Configure InfluxDB OSS | InfluxDB OSS 1.8 Documentation.

Hmm actually I don’t see that option for 2.3: