Influx 1.2.0 max-row-limit not effective

I know the 1.2.0 version has a default row limit of 10,000, and when it hits that, it returns 10,000 elements with the partial= true flag set. However, I’ve changed the conf file to have max-row-limit = 0, and my query is still getting limited to 10,000. Any ideas what the issue could be? I’ve restarted the service.
I’m using http api for my queries, with json results.

Nevermind. I had uncommented the max-row-limit, but not the actual [http] header for the section. So, I guess it wasn’t effective. I’ve uncommented the [http] header, and now it works.

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@Jeffery_K Glad to hear you got it working. Sorry we didn’t get to your problem in time!