InfluxDB: Limit select/into query response


I haven’t tested this, but I also can’t find documentation specifically stating it so I thought I’d ask here. I’m using multiple SELECT/INTO queries to backfill some CQs. I was wondering if the LIMIT keyword or some other method could be used to stop all of the resulting data points from being returned? If not returning all of it then maybe at least stop the data points from being returned through the HTTP API.

My thought being that I’m using the python “requests” library to make an HTTP request to my InfluxDB. If I do a large span of data with my SELECT/INTO then it returns all of the data points it generated which means that “requests” has to parse through the JSON to provide it to the user and that InfluxDB had to go through the work to generate that JSON response. I really don’t need to know what those data points are I just need to know if they were successfully added or not (HTTP response code). Does the LIMIT keyword still generate/insert all data points in the query and only limit the number of returned responses?