InfluxDB UI buckets paging limit 100?

I’m using InfluxDB v2 in version v2.7.4 (but the same problem was in the previous version).
The problem is that I can only see 100 buckets with paging 10. The buckets are sorted by the name. When trying to create a bucket with the name starting from the end of alphabet - it is being created but giving me an error that it already exists. It is not being displayed in the UI and I cannot create API key for this bucket as it is simply not showing.
When I use influx cli I’m able to cee and manage those buckets.
I can also see them using Flux queries.
When adding to Grafana - it is giving me an error that it cannot be found. I guess same issue is on the API side.
Is there any workaround or configuration which can be adjusted to show all buckets in the UI and not only 100 (10 pages)?

@arek Looking at the API spec, 100 may be the maximum limit for listing buckets via the HTTP API.

OK- thank you for mentioning this.
Not sure why it also applies to the Web UI - I guess it is using API for the call but there is also possible to have pagination