Where does Influxdb v2 store it's data on the Linux server?

Where does Influxdb v2 store it’s data on Linux? Using RHEL8 if that matters.

I’ve Googled it a couple times, but it keeps bringing back 1.x info and it’s not /var/lib/influxdb.

I currently have influxdb placed on its own mount on the server, and I’d like to make sure that data is written there as well.


Hello @ktaylor3,
Welcome! I’m sorry for the delay!!! Sometimes questions get lost. Here ya go:

Thanks for the information.

Can that location be configured or moved with a symbolic link?

Hmm I’m not sure. I’ll ask and get back to you.

Hello @ktaylor3,
Yes it can be.
Edit the following three lines of your /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf ( /usr/local/etc/influxdb.conf on macOS) so that they point to your new location:

# under [meta]
dir = "/new/path/to/influxdb/meta"

# under [data]
dir = "/new/path/to/influxdb/data"
wal-dir = "/new/path/to/influxdb/wal"

I have not installed the 2.0 release candidate yet (well, it’s not an install…just an unzip), but the beta unzip and run did not create a /etc/influxdb directory or a conf file.

Looking at https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v2.0/get-started/#start-with-influxdb-oss, it talks about including start up flags. And I see an optional section about setting up the CLI by creating a config file. I assume that step is for more than just CLI setup? Is there more documentation about config file setup and the various options in 2.0?

Hello @ktaylor3,
It should just be ~/.influxdb or v2.
Any luck?