Where are stored InfluxDB OSS 2 data?

I’m starting to use InfluxDB OSS 2 and I have a couple of questions for you :grin:

Using Python I write/post data in Influx, but where is the data saved? Locally?
And then in what format?
Will the data that I view in Data Explorer be deleted?

Thank you so much!!

Hi @alex2,
So the data journey goes a little like this:
Python code (json, dict, dataframe) (your call) → converts to line protocol → This data is then read by InfluxDB and stored on disk via the Influx storage engine. You can find more information on this here: InfluxDB storage engine | InfluxDB OSS 2.1 Documentation

We abstract this up to “buckets”. The data stored in your buckets will be bound to a retention policy. If your bucket retention policy is unlimited then your data will not be deleted. If you had retention of 1 day then any data older than that 1 day period would be removed.

The data is stored normally under the engine folder of your influxDB instance as tsm, tsl and idx files which are not human readable.

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Thank you @Jay_Clifford ! :blush:

I haven’t set the retention policy, so I think that there is a default value. How i can see and modify that? :roll_eyes:
It is important because I would monitor a measure for at least 1 month and after, use this data.

About the size of the archived data, I monitored the change of the size file every hour to make an estimation of the space needed for 1 month: approximalty 3 MB per hour and then 2 GB in a month. Does this make sense? Or there are other parameter that i need to consider in order to estimate it? :thinking: