Delayed Effectiveness of InfluxDBv2 Retention

I am writing to address an issue I am experiencing with the retention settings in InfluxDB v2.0.7.In my project, I am utilizing InfluxDB as the database, and I have set the aging time for the buckets to 1 hour. However, I have noticed that even after the specified time has passed, the data remains in the database and is not being cleared as expected. Occasionally, restarting InfluxDB triggers the data removal process, but it is not functioning as desired otherwise. I have also attempted adjusting the parameter “–storage-retention-check-interval” to “2m0s”, but the issue persists.

Hello @chaochao,
I’d recommend upgrading to a later version of 2.x. (or honestly waiting to 3.x OSS to be released later this year see benchmark here)

But also the UI is supper notorious for having bugs of this type. I’d use an API call or CLI to check if the data is deleted.