Influx 2.5.1 Data Files Missing?

I have an Influx 2.5.1 server running and I have a few buckets with plenty of data in them. I went to look for the actual data files and they are no where to be found. I have looked in every crevice on my computer.

I do not have a config file running and have left the default location of the data alone. The data should be in C:\Users{username}.influxdbv2\engine\data. The data folder is completely empty however the data still appears in Influx. The data has to be somewhere?!?! Has anyone run into this? Is this a 2.5.1 bug? or am I looking in the wrong location? I have searched the entire C drive for the bucket ID and can’t find anything.

I should mention that a co-worker setting up an Influx 2.5.1 instance on a fresh vm is what sparked my hunt for the files. He setup a brand new instance on a clean vm and wanted to know where the data was being saved. His Data folder is also empty but his influx instance still shows data.


I ran a Process Monitor on my pc and found that influx is reading and writing from C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile.influxdbv2

this is the main registry location for windows. is there any reason as to why Influx chooses to write data here? i am unable to access this folder to delete or manage data easily if needed.