What version of influxdb should I run ? Or is my version out of date?


What version of influxdb should I run ?
I have version 1.1.1

which seems to be out of date.

How can I know my influx’s engine version ? not the CLI.

And last question, I can’t connect to the influxdb UI neither on port 8086 (error 404) nor on port 9999

When you connect using the CLI the first line should display the influxdb version

Connected to http://localhost:8086 version 1.7.8

Other ways are (thanks StackOverflow):

# run:
influxd.exe version

# or
curl -sL -I localhost:8086/ping

InfluxDB does not have a UI, you will need to use something else, like Chronograf.

Ok, I thought it would give only the CLI version when starting the CLI/

But it seems it gives both, influxdb and influx (the CLI), so they both the same version despite beeing outdated.

I wonder if I should update, and how to do it as I’ve just installed it and it’s not the last version.

Here you will find the last version, as of now it is 1.7.9


If you have just installed it, then just delete it, it will probably be the easiest solution.
Have a look at the conf file to find all the folders and files and delete them.

Note: if you have installed it using some package manager uninstall it using the package manager