What is the equivalent of show measurements in version 2.6.1?

Before I can delete unwanted measurements I want to create a textual list of all my measurements, is this possible? So far did not find this but I likely have missed it somewhere.

I did my first steps inside influx 2.6.1 after some experience with 1.8. Some time ago a staff member already asked me why am I using 1.8 and do not migrate to 2.6?
Just lately I started to install home assistant and influxdb 2.6.1. Both new (from scratch) to me. So still in the learning curve.
Managed to get HA populate Influx with data (way to much but that is a HA topic, prefer Openhab in this respect). Was able to find and create “influx config” but struggled with the “401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access” error due to a self-inflicted changed API-token :grin: But in the end it worked which I could test with this ‘harmless’ command:

influx delete --bucket hass \
  --start '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z' \
  --stop  '1980-01-01T00:00:00Z'

More Info:
Both HA and influxdb are running in docker
Access influxdb with: docker exec -it influxdb2 /bin/sh

You will probably find what you want there:


and there:


Best way to use Influx 2.X is probably with API and UI instead of CLI.

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