Weekly Welcome - Jul 19th Edition

Happy Friday and welcome to the InfluxDB Community! If this is your first time here, head over to our Community Forum Intro where you’ll find some tips for getting around the forum. If you’re new to time series or InfluxDB, we have a free What is Time Series Webinar on Wednesday which covers getting up-and-running with time series data, an overview of storage options, and the basics of InfluxDB.

If you have any questions or need help, search or browse the forums. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask. Feel free to take a minute to respond to this thread and introduce yourself as well.

What’s happening next week

July 23 - Time Series Boston Meetup - Advanced Time Series Technologies from Wayfair Berlin - If you’re in Boston, you won’t want to miss hearing from some of the Wayfair Berlin team. They’ll be showing off their project Tremor, a powerful scalable traffic shaping engine that has a built in scripting language for real time message processing.

July 23 - Open Source Time Series Database Supports Edge Computing Solution - This is a free training, Chris Montague discusses how a major military and aerospace contractor operating globally uses a small cell edge server to connect existing software, equipment and systems securely, seamlessly and cost-effectively, and how time series data and InfluxDB helps make that possible.

July 24 - What is Time Series webinar - Come join us for an intro to time series at 8am PST.

July 16 - How to Use Time Series Data to Forcast at Scale webinar - Marcello Tomasini from Veritas will detail how they leverage time series data to implement solutions to tackle forcasting at scale, issues like continuous accuracy evaluation and algorithm hyperparameters optimization.

July 17 - Using the Open Soruce OPC-UA Client and Server for Your IIoT Solutions - Jeroen Coussement of Factry.IO will discuss how he built an open-source OPC-UA client and server to process control systems and used time series data as a basis for optimization.

Articles, Podcasts, and Videos To Catch Up On

We’re glad you’ve made it to our community. Be sure to check out our Slack workspace with channels for everything time series and InfluxDB related, find us on Reddit, or check out a time series meetup near you.

Feel free to reach out if you need anything; we’re here to help!


The InfluxDB Community Team

I tried to attend, but I never got the zoom link, and the webpage just shows a title, no way to enter the room, or sign up. The calendar events do not have a link either.

Hey Mike,

Sorry to hear that. We had some users who reported a similar issue and are working to make sure it doesn’t happen on August’s call. You can signup here and we look forward to seeing you next month.