Weekly Welcome & Getting Started - May 24th Edition

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We’d like to welcome you to our community forum and share some info on getting started. The forum is designed for you to find info organized by topics, meet other time series data and InfluxDB enthusiasts, ask questions, and find help. If you’re new, reply and say hi, letting us know who you are and what you’re building. We’re always looking for opportunities to get to know members of our community.

To get started, we recommend checking out our Community Forum Intro for some tips to navigating the community. If you’re new to time series data, be sure to register for our Tuesday What is Time Series Webinar. It’s free and designed to help you get started with time series data, understand your time series storage options, and give you the basics of InfluxDB.

What’s happening this week

May 29 - Intro to Time Series Webinar at 8:00 am PST.

May 29 - DevOps Days Toronto - Influxers are heading to Toronto for DevOps Days. If you’re there, stop by, say hi, and grab some swag.

May 30 - How the Aquicore Solution Cuts Energy Waste and Improve Tenant Comfort Levels with InfluxDB Cloud Webinar - Hear from Mike Donovon, Aquicore’s VP of Product, about how they’ve replaced Postgres with InfluxDB to handle time series data and cut energy waste.

Articles To Catch Up On

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We also have an InfluxDB Community Slack workspace available. We have channels for each component of the Tick Stack, InfluxDB 2.0 alpha, Flux, various languages you’re using…you get the idea. Click here to join our Slack.

Again, welcome to our community; let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you get started.

The InfluxDB Community Team