Web admin UI doesn't show imported data

Hi there,
I’m using this user guide to import it’s data. Every thing goes well except web admin UI which does not show any data in the bucket! I dont know what’s wrong with this code or UI!
Thanks for your help

I can only guess a little.
Were there any error messages when importing with the Client Library?
If no, a typical misunderstanding is: You have to choose the right time window in the InfluxDBv2 GUI on the right, otherwise you simply don’t see anything. The data is very old from 2004, so that could be the reason.

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Thanks for your response.
There is no error on importing, in fact data are written into DB correctly and I can make query on them, the problem comes from GUI which doesn’t show the measurement in filter column and even when raw data switch is active.

The query builder GUI only shows measurements for which the influxdb holds data for the chosen time range.

If you want to see data that’s older than 30 days (the longest select-able time range), you will need to first use the “custom time range” option to specify a time range you know that your measurement has values for.