Hooray on Import but no data in the bucket

Hello Community,
I recognized a very interesting behaviour with an #influxdb-v2 bucket. I import files into an empty bucket via line protocol(Web interface), the importer says Hooray but there is no data in the bucket?

home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“25” 1595101116
home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“2” 1595176749
home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“2” 1595255727
home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“1” 1595308908
home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“4” 1595344348
home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“2” 1596002732
home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“1” 1596429088
home/haus/dach/regenmengejetzt fieldkey=“35” 1596451643

Nothing in the logs, that gives a hint…
Did anyone experience this as well?

I assume the data is indeed in InfluxDB - but you don’t see it. :wink:
I think there is a misunderstanding that I also stumbled upon in the beginning.
The timestamp from your influx protocol line is from last year:

Saturday, 18. July 2020 19:38:36

If you then go to the Data Explorer, you will not see any metrics at first, because that depends on the time span set on the right in the window in the small widget (past 1h or something like that).
Unfortunately, that’s pretty irritating if you don’t know… :unamused:

If you were to change the time span to 1 year, or import an influx line protocol line with a current timestamp, you would see something in the Data Explorer.

I found the solution to the problem. Per default Nanoseconds is selected. I only got seconds for my timestamps. This results in a very quick and successful import but as far as I can tell, there is no data in the bucket.

Changing everything to seconds in the importer gui and the data is visible.