Error in Measurement Tag loading


I Have managed to transfer all my data from .csvfile through client library (using buckets and token)to influxdb. But I can not able to see my data in the Boards of Influxdb. I don’t know where it is getting disappeared since the python execution has no error as while… All the data is been transfer to local host influxdb with provided tokens and bucket.I am using windows.

I would be great if you would show some insights to it…

A common misconception with InfluxDB Explorer is that you need to choose the appropriate time window to see any data at all. Go to the right to the parameter Past 1h and choose a time window that actually matches that of your imported data.

How can I choose a custom Timeframe of about 6months because my data way go past just 30 days… Here I come is my bucket and my filter should have a defined tag named “statistics” measurement. But Not showing anything…

Please provide some help to solve the issue.

Just select Custom Time Range from the drop down menu.

And of course you have to select the right Bucket on the left column named FROM

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Thanks for your info.But how can I mention 6months ? Just has 30 days in the drop down menu…image

I don’t know what InfluxDB version you are using, but there is definitely an option for a custom timeframe, maybe it is named a bit different… just look around… what about to the right of it with window period > custom

Sure. Thanks for your Help