Wasm validation error when accessing InfluxDB web UI

Hi all, since a few days the web UI of an InfluxDB installation on Ubuntu has become inaccessible.
Every time i connect to the 8086 port of the host I get a blank web page whatever the browser I use (tried with Chrome, FireFox and Edge).
Cleaning cache, cookies and refreshing page with no cache didn’t change the behaviour.
By opening the browser javascript console I see a few syntax errors and a wasm validation error when importing “index.tsx”
This the error in the javascript console: "Error importing index.tsx: CompileError: wasm validation error: at offset 310194: function body length too big"
The only browser is still working to access the web UI is a Chrome from Android.
I tried to upgrade to InfluxDB 2.1.1 (git: 657e1839de) build_date: 2021-11-09T03:03:48Z but nothing changed.
Any idea about this issue?
Thanx in advance for any help you might give.