InfluxDB 2: Data explorer: Flux script editor throwing random error messages

Using “version”: “2.1.1”, “commit”: “657e1839de”, “build_date”: “2021-11-09T03:03:48Z”} in Docker
The Data explorer script editor started throwing random error messages with this script:

import "array"
rows = [{foo: "bar", baz: 21.2}, {foo: "bar", baz: 23.8}]
array.from(rows: rows)

When I paste it into the browser the result is as expected.
However: If I insert an empty row and delete it again it starts acting all weird putting squigely lines under lines of code that where working fine before.

"Invalid statement |> (1)"
expected STRING, got IDENT (from) at 3:1(1)
expected STRING, got LPAREN (() at 3:5(1)
expected STRING, got IDENT (bucket) at 3:6(1)
expected STRING, got COLON (:) at 3:12(1)
Peek Problem No quick fixes available

Restarted the container → No improvement
Closed the browser → opened Data explorer in new browser → Works better now

I think it has to do with having more than one query in the editor.
The queries get mixed-up somehow:
Submitting Query2 gives me error messages that belongs to query1.
Deleting the offending Query1 left me with an empty screen (no query text).
It should have let query2 in tact, but it just disappeared…

It all seems a bit buggy…

Hello @Bigman74066,
I agree that seems buggy. I haven’t encountered that though.
Maybe try updating to v2.3?
I also encourage you to submit an issue.