An InfluxDB error has occurred. Please report the issue

I am unable to edit dashboard cell which is displaying “An InfluxDB error has occurred. Please report the issue here”.
Any ideas?

Not much detail to go on there :upside_down_face:

  1. Can you remember what you did just prior to getting the error? Can you describe that as a series of steps/bullet points

  2. Can you reproduce the same issue using those steps?

  3. Does the error remain/persist all the time. Or do you only see the error on some circumstances?

  4. Can you paste the query code from that particular cell inside a </> code block

  5. What version of the beta are you running , latest is 14. If you on an older version, please upgrade first and check if the error is still occurring.

  1. I was selecting fields for a query. Can’t remember exactly.

  2. Can’t reproduce sorry, don’t know what happened.

  3. I am unable to edit the script or query, even when I clone the dashboard, the same error remains.

  4. Unable to edit the query or even access it to see what the issue is.

  5. Not sure about versions, as this is a cloud service… should be the latest…I only signed up a couple of weeks ago.


This has basically rendered the entire dashboard useless if I cannot remove it.

Looks like I just reproduced the same error for a different point.

Ah, sounds like one of the staff will need to help/intervene

Ok thanks.

I appreciate it, as I will be signing clients to a paid service within the week and need to have this finished very soon.

Sure, but be aware that influx db2 is still in beta and says clearly in a few places it is not ready for production use yet.

My apologies, but it all seems a little confusing.
There is nothing that says Beta when logging in until you use Grafana which then says Beta.
Is V1.14.5 a non BETA version?
I don’t know what version I’m using?