HTTP response body: b'Flux query service disabled. Verify flux-enabled=true in the [http] section of the InfluxDB config.\n'

Hello ,

Im getting this error when im trying to execute a flux query with python.
Python library : from influxdb_client import InfluxDBClient
Error : HTTP response body: b’Flux query service disabled. Verify flux-enabled=true in the [http] section of the InfluxDB config.\n’

i have changed flux-enabled to true in my config file but it still not working

can someone give me a help.

Thank you in advance.

HI @aamer, can you tell me what version of InfluxDB you are running? And also which Python client library (there are two: an old one and a new one)?

Hello mhall
thank you for your answer
the version of influxdb im using is 1.8.1
and the python library is ## from influxdb_client import InfluxDBClient

but even in cli im trying to do some flux query like influx is not working and i get this error


That image looks like you’re inside the interactive influx shell, not a normal terminal shell, so you don’t need to call influx again

thanks @mhall119 for the answer
do you have any idea of python problem what is the problem ?

I’m not convinced that the problem is in your python, but can you share your code anyway so I can give it a look?

hello @mhall119

i send you the code


from influxdb_client import InfluxDBClient
host = ‘localhost’ #http://influxdb:8086/v2
port = 8086
user = ‘user’
password = ‘password’
database = ‘database’
protocol = ‘line’
org = ‘my-org’
bucket = ‘my-bucket’
#Query data on influxdb
query = ‘from(bucket: “my-bucket”)
|> range(start: -1000d)
|> filter(fn: ® => r._measurement == “measure”)
|> filter(fn: ® => r._field == “value”)
|> filter(fn: ® => r.agregation_method == “AVG”)’
#establish a connection
client = InfluxDBClient(url=“[http://localhost:8086](http://localhost:8086/)”, token=password, org=org)
#instantiate the WriteAPI and QueryAPI
query_api = client.query_api()
#return the table and print the result
result = client.query_api().query(org=org, query=query)
results = 
for table in result:
for record in table.records:
results.append((record.get_value(), record.get_field()))

File “”, line 3, in raise_from
urllib3.exceptions.LocationParseError: Failed to parse: http://localhost:8086/api/v2/query?org=my-org

Hi aamer- The problem doesn’t appear to be in your python or your flux. It looks like your config file’s settings are not being honored. Do you have


in your config? Did you restart? Could there be another config file that’s being used instead?