Want to make dashboard of current status of a topic's events

In Kapacitor, when I want to see the current status of any events happening for a topic, I can just run kapacitor show-topic <topic>, and it will output the event name, level, message, and date. Our use case usually has the event name being the host name, and so with something like a deadman alert, we get a view of hosts are currently CRITICAL and which are OK. Each event name listed is unique, so I don’t have to worry about the same host showing up twice; I just get the most recent status for that host in regards to the current topic.

However, I was wondering if there was a way to visualize that with either Grafana or Chronograf in table format. So far, all I’m able to do is get a table with the hostname and level for anything I’ve set up through Chronograf’s Alert Rules, but it shows all events, e.g. a row for when exampleHost is CRITICAL and then another row for when exampleHost is OK. I would ideally like to get to the point where I can see something pretty similiar to what Kapacitor outputs with kapacitor show-topic, but without having to SSH to the machine and run that command each time I want to see the current status.

Is this currently doable? We don’t currently make heavy usage of Chronograf Alert Rules (most of our alerts are through TICK scripts that predate our adoption of Chronograf), but if using those can potentially grant us the ability to do this, then it’d be worth switching them over.