How do you visualize active Kapacitor alerts?

I’m looking into using Kapacitor for monitoring and alerting. Currently we are using Grafana for alerting but it seems Kapacitor would be more flexible than what Grafana provides.

At the one of the concerns I have is how do you visualize which Kapacitor alerts are active? I know it can out-of-the-box send notifications to E-mail and e.g Slack but I feel that can easily get forgotten if alert is something you can’t fix straight away.

In Grafana one can have panel which lists currently active alerts. Has some of you made something similar using Kapacitor? If so what was your solution or is there even some standard solution I’m not aware of? I’m not looking for anything fancy but just some way to easily see which alerts are currently active and maybe for how long they have been.


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@burm1000 If you are looking to get started with kapacitor I would suggest looking at chronograf as well. Chronograf has a UI for kapacitor including which alerts are defined and enabled on the instance.

Chronograf has limited features just to display alerts history. That’s not something really useful when you want to have tactical overview on what’s happening right now.