Output Open/Active alerts from Kapacitor to Grafana

I’ve been configuring Kapacitor for alerting in the past few months, the basic functionality works quite well. However how that I am moving to visualize the alerts into Grafana, I’m faced with a huge issue:

  • I know that using chronograf alert builder it would generate an entry of the alert to database ‘chronograf’ with all the information such as tags, value, etc and I can manipulate these information fairly easily. However, this is not a good system to track what alert is actually open using Grafana cause if I query for stat “Critical” from that database I get not only the open ones but also ones that have already been cleared.
  • I know that kapacitor itself has something like a state table tracking the state of open alerts, but thus far I don’t see any way to access this information.
    So for you veterans who worked with Kapacitor for a while, how did you tackle this problem of reading list of open alerts from Kapacitor and export it to Grafana hopefully in a table format