Alert dashboard for Kapacitor

Hello all,

I have recently started working with Kapacitor and now getting alerts in my telegram account. One feature I am looking for is to view the current active alerts in a web dashboard.

I am currently using karma: Alert dashboard for Prometheus Alertmanager. and looking for a functionality similar to it.

I can see the current alerts using kapacitor show-topic but a web based dashboard will help entire team use it without provisioning accounts for all in server.


If you’re using the 1.X stack with Kapacitor then you can install Chronograf

It replaced the InfluxDB web interface (quite a while ago) but comes with a data explorer, alerts management, there’s an IDE to create alerts and you can enable/disable them from there. There is also a dashboard that shows current active alerts

configuring Chronograf and Kapacitor

Hope that helps.

I am on influxdb 2.0 and already using the web interface. Does it show the alerts?

sorry didn’t realise you had replied.

I assumed influx 1.x as thats the tag selected.

As far as i know, Influx 2.0 doesn’t support kapacitor subscriptions, so no stream tasks which is what I would use for alerts.

If you’re on influx 2.0 then I’m not sure, i’d expect them to be on the tasks page but as to whether it lists active/open alerts or not i don’t know (I haven’t used influx 2.0)

One option I guess would be to write your alert data to influx, then build a dashboard with something like Grafana to display them .

Thanks for your help. I will explore the grafana Route.