Vsphere metrics


How to get the below metrics from vcenter server, I’m using inputs.vsphere plugin, but unable to get these values. If we need use any other steps or any different code, please share it. Thanks in advance.

(VSM_DVS) Displays the overall status of the distributed virtual switch
(VSM_CLUSTER)-Displays the status of a cluster.
(VSM_VNET_PERF) Displays the status of the Network Interface Card(NIC)
(VSM_MEMORY_V2)-Displays the percentage amount of memory that is over committed on a host.
(VSM_HOST)-Displays the current connection status for a host (ESX server).
(VSM_HBA)-Displays the operational status of a storage adapter.
(VSM_HOST) Displays the total time elapsed since the last system startup
(VSM_Datastore)-Displays the connectivity status of the current datastore.