Telegraf input Vsphere - Monitor storage adapter Paths


I was wondering if there is a way to monitor the Paths Active or Active (IO) of the storage adapter on the ESXI Host level?

I have 26 paths on each vmhba, is it possible to monitor them with telegraf ==>influxdb==>grafana?


Would these metrics do what you wanted? As far as I’m aware, if there is a performance counter for it you can add it into the telegraf vSphere config

Hello Philb,

I saw these on the dasboards, but these are not the Paths that I am talking about cause each vmhba has LUN, DEVICE, PATHS and the Paths are multiple for each vmhba adapter.

Hey @saaditani - In all honesty, i’m not a vsphere guy. I know we collect the metrics but not sure what they all mean :smiley:

I’d expect things like the LUN and PATHS to be a tag though. not sure if that helps any? If not, fair enoughs. Hope you find what you’re looking for

thank you but not what am looking for, it only shows the list of storage adaptors vmhbaXX and not the Paths of each vmhba