Monitor VMware ESXi with Grafana and Telegraf


Actually i’ve set up an environnment with grafana and telegraf for for monitoring Vm’s in VMware ESXi, unfortunately the telegraf plugin (telegraf/plugins/inputs/vsphere at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub) dosn’t contain the specific metric to monitor vm’s used storage.

Do you have any idea to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried adding

disk.usage.average to the VM section of your config? Available vSphere metrics.

Hello Philb,

I thank you for your reply.

i’ve tried the disk.usage.average and this is the output of this metric which seems not showing the true value of the usage disk


What should the values be?

Sorry I’m not very VMWare oriented but we use the plugin in our office . Are you wanting the disk space of the guest OS within VMWare or the actual data store capacity/usage? If you just want disk usage, would the win_disk for windows and “disk” measurement work for you?

Actually i want that the graph shows the actual data store capacity/usage of the VM because we monitor many vm’s whith different OS (linux,windows).
Do you have an idea?
Many thanks.


I’m not sure you can do that with one measurement. You might need to use one of the vsphere_vm_* measurments and join that to the data store metrics using the MOID tag.

If you are using vsan, there is a vsan plugin that will get what you want. vsan plugin - Unfortunately thats how we collect our data, i can’t think of an alternative
other than to look at the measurements and join a VM measurement to the data store measurement on the MOID tag.

Sorry, not sure what else to suggest on this.

hello Philip,

I will try vsan plugin and get back to you with results.
Many thanks for help.


No problem, I hope you find a solution.